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Rwandan visual and digital artist, founder of BruceMHub Ltd and a non-profit organization namely My Rwanda, Bruce Mbanzabugabo was born in exile in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.


Bruce holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science; he is a Professional Photographer and a Creative, multi-talented Graphic Designer loaded with innovation and a resounding experience in multimedia.

Growing up, his father was a professional photographer, and he loved all kinds of art. Bruce's art is rooted in his childhood, where he used to draw with a pencil. When Bruce was in primary school (Grade 5), his father gave him a camera photo branded "Kiev" with a film and told him, “This is yours. Now don't ask me for money." and he supported his art with some necessary tools for a beginner, equipping him as best as he could.


Later on, Bruce stopped doing art and photography for ten years to focus on his studies, and afterward, he found himself involved in photography and graphic design again more than what he had studied. Since he had pursued Computer Science, he used the skills in his art by fiddling with Photoshop to develop further skills in advancing his ambitions. He is aware that the era of digitization he belongs to has expanded the view and appreciation of art in the broader spectrum and visibility worldwide.


Tackling his uniqueness, every painting Bruce do is a story; it has a name, and the colors in it correspond to the message he wants to convey. He blends different cultures, thoughts, stories and emotions of his environment by using various skills such as photography, graphic design and digital art to deliver his work, which makes it distinct and outstanding.


In 2014, Bruce founded an umbrella Company, "BruceMHub," through which he has worked with different national and international companies and institutions in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ivory Coast as a Photographer and Graphic Designer.


December 1, 2020, Bruce started working as a Branding & Media Officer at AFRILOTT Ltd, a member of EPC Africa Group with a Head Office based in Kigali-Rwanda. He is also a part-time Lecturer at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) in the Multimedia program offered by the Faculty of Computing and Information for Undergraduate students.


When Bruce is not designing, drawing, writing or capturing moments on his professional cameras, you will find him making friends, playing Basketball or playing his guitar, something he’s very good at.


On April 6, 2020, he published his first book, " THE INSPIRER, Book of Quotes," on Amazon.

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